Our Mission: To connect thinkers, doers, and creators actively focused on evolving technology, consciousness, and society to build a better future for all of humankind.

Connect with like-minded people

We cannot build the future alone. The aim of this community is to connect like-minded people: thinkers, futurists, creators, makers, teachers, activists, consciousness explorers, and others who are actively involved in building a better future for all of humankind.

Attend virtual and in-person events

The community will organize a number of virtual and in-person events such as conferences, masterminds, casual hangouts, and intensive retreats.

What it costs

We ask our members to make a small monthly contribution of $10 (the price of a couple of coffees), so we can maintain and moderate the website, organize members-only events and programs, and make this community the best it can be for everyone involved. If this is outside of your budget, contact us explaining why you would be a valuable member of this community, and we can work something out.


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